To Develop Self-Confidence, and Influence People Easily, Learn Public Speaking!

No one is born with courage and self-confidence. You develop it. And that happens through practice. Every time you expose yourself to a situation that scares you, and you make conscious effort to over come that fear, and function normally, you WILL improve. Sooner than later, you’ll wonder why it was ever a problem for you. My purpose here is to provide introductory insight into how learning public speaking can equip ANYONE with the required interest, who is willing to take needed action, with the ability to confidently address any individual or group audience in a manner that influences them to agree with his/her line of thinking or do what s/he wants.

“There is no other accomplishment, which any man can have that will so quickly make for him a career and secure recognition as the ability to speak acceptably.” – Chauncey M. Depew

True Story Of A Biz Owner Lacking Courage & Self-Confidence To Approach High Profile Customers

Early in September 2011, a young man called me on my mobile line and introduced himself as a startup Catfish Farm Business Owner, adding that he got my phone number from an article I wrote on my Cost-Saving Farm Biz Support website titled “Producing Good Catfish Is Important, But Finding Good Buyers Is Imperative!”

In it, I recommended that if they are to ensure they get the best prices for their table size fish, farm owners need only approach the owners of hotels, restaurants and bars (who often buy in bulk), and make an attractive offer requiring assurance of bulk purchase of their soon to be ready catfish.

This young man would eventually confess that he found it difficult to imagine himself going into a hotel without knowing anyone, and making such an offer, adding “How can I just walk into the place and ask for the owner, just like that?

That was when it struck me that he lacked the courage and self-confidence to do what I had suggested! The truth is that many business owners NEED to learn Public Speaking to equip themselves to do the necessary sales and marketing for their businesses effectively.

Learn Public Speaking & Gain Self-Confidence, PLUS The Ability To Make People Do What You Want

When I say Public Speaking, I refer to situations in which you speak to individuals and/or groups of people. Developing the ability to express yourself in a manner that commands the attention, interest, and agreement of your listeners is a skill of enormous value.

To Which Of These Groups Do You Belong?

a). Business Owners:Selling and marketing is about getting people to do what you want – which is to BUY. Nine times out of ten, that process will involve SPEAKING to them. If you learn Public Speaking, your chances of winning more customers over, will dramatically increase.

Why? Because you will be MORE convincing when you speak. If yours is a large company, you may also have to address employees, their unions or even your shareholders. Learning public speaking will make you more effective in doing that. And your company’s performance would reflect it.

b). Career Persons:Getting ahead in the work place is about delivering results on your job. Quite often, especially in lower and middle level management, your technical competence will see you through, or speak for you.

But then even at that level, if you manage teams, or large workforces, your skill in public speaking can help you avert trade union problems, even if you are not an HR person. A good speaker, can get people to listen to him/her and convince them to see reason.

To get higher into senior management, your SOFT SKILLS come into play. Your ability to communicate effectively may determine how well you perform, because at this level, you will have to address other senior executives, on various issues, sometimes with a view to influencing them to see things your way. If you lack effective public speaking skills, you may short change yourself!

c). Aspiring Speakers:Maybe you are an expert in your field and would like to get paid to speak about what you know. Learning Public Speaking would therefore be the logical thing to do.

So, How Do You Go About Learning Public Speaking?

I offer some suggestions:

1. Get and read Dale Carnegie’s Book titled “How To Develop Confidence & Influence People By Public Speaking”. It’s a little book, but filled with very practical ideas and experience based wisdom.

Read the True Story By Daniel M. Wood at his blog about how Dale Carnegie’s book helped him when he was learning to speak in front of crowds, and why he still keeps it in his back pocket just in case… Visit his blog

2. Explore the Internet: Many websites offer a variety of articles, reports, DVDs, Books and other useful learning resources for speakers. Invest some time in targeted online searches, and you are sure to find plenty of useful stuff – many FREE ones offering useful ideas to get you started.

3. Get A Competent Mentor: In almost every area of endeavour in life, spending quality time with a more experienced and competent person, can dramatically boost your learning, and equip to achieve success faster, than if you simply took formal classes. Find yourself a tested and proven speaking expert, and ask him/her for help.