Public Speaking – How to Improve Your Speaking Skills Without Spending Too Much Money

Today public speaking is more important than ever before. Successful public speakers will have much better chances of being hired for a job.

Public speaking is an important topic these days. More and more people need to be able to speaking in public especially because of their job.

Thus if you already know how to speak well in public you well have an immediate advantage over other people in your work environment. You need to be able to deliver a good presentation.

But how can you improve without spending too much money?

Train with Friends
If a friend of you wants or needs to become a better public speaker too then why not train with him. It will be very helpful for both of you since you can always correct each other and learn that much more.

If you don’t have friends around that are interested in public speaking then go ahead and search for one. You can always look around town whether there are groups that are centered around public speaking.

Another great place to meet like minded people is You can simply create a group, e.g. about public speaking, and then other people near you can join. It’s a great way to meet new people.

Buy a Book
A book is a good way to start to learning about how you can improve your public speaking skills. Books are generally not that expensive and will offer you a wealth of information on the topic.

The problem most people have with books is that they think that they aren’t useful to them since after reading it you will forget it anyway. And that’s where so many people go wrong. You can’t just read a book you also have to apply the knowledge you gained through it.

If there are exercises within the book then for god sake complete them. It will help you to get so much further.

Simply Practice
Practicing doesn’t cost very much except time. That’s probably the worst part of it. If you want to improve and become a better public speaker then you need to set some time aside for practicing on your skills. Practice in front of an audience of friends of yours and ask them for feedback.

What do they think did you do well? Where should you improve? What did you do wrong?

Ask these questions to your friends and it will help you to get so much further.