Public Speaking – 3 Reasons Why People Fear Speaking in Front of an Audience So Much

There are so many people that fear public speaking these days. Heck, in the U.S. public speaking is the number one fear, closely followed by death.

But why do people fear public speaking so much? Why is it that people are more afraid of speaking in public than of death?

I think one of the reasons why people fear public speaking so much is because they could be embarrassed. Of course that’s true in almost every activity you do but speaking in public means to speak in front of an crowd.

If you embarrass yourself there everyone in the audience is going to notice it. You thus might fear that the people will be talking about you if you are not able to deliver a great presentation. But there also might be other reasons.

I also believe that pressure plays an important role. For years now society has dictated us how we are supposed to behave and what things we should know and what we should be able to do nicely. Speaking in public is one of those things that society expects us to be good at it naturally.

It’s strange since with other activities such as sport we are not expected to perform well without any training. Yet with public speaking it’s exactly the opposite. You have the pressure to perform well in order to not embarrass your family or friends.

I guess society is the number one reason why people fear speaking in public so much. Society at least partly creates the pressure I have talked about above. It also tells us that we need to perform well. It expects us to be a good natural speaker. But not everyone is.

That’s why some people don’t even have a problem with speaking in public while others would rather die than to speak in front of an unfamiliar audience.