Attending Public Speaking Seminars

If you are in front of a large group of people to deliver your first public speech it may be natural for you to experience your knees wobbling. This is natural especially if this is your first, and you will experience fear, anxiety, and what people will define as stage fright. However, your career may need for you to deliver presentations or deliver a speech in functions that your company will have. A public speech is one where you give a long talk to a group of people, with intentions to inform or entertain. To have these skills it is important for you to attend public speaking seminars, in order to acquire these skills.

Learn to Conquer Fear and Anxiety When In front of People

Learn the causes of anxiety when it is your first time to speak in front of people, and also learn how to overcome these fear and anxiety. Stage fright is not only those experienced by some people but it is a common occurrence to most, but this can be overcome. A person may be already exposed to meeting large crowds or his attitude is one where fear is not in his being. This person may not experience anxiety when in front of people, even for the first time. However, most people may not have this attitude. Attend public speaking seminars and you will learn the techniques in handing yourself in front of people.

Learn the Most Effective Public Speaking Techniques

Public speaking may not be the natural thing for most people and the tendency to experience fear is only normal. However, there are ways and methods to overcome these feelings. Practice and more practice may however teach you how to overcome this feeling. Effective speaking in public and having people appreciate what you are doing, is not an easy thing to do. It is not only delivering your speech with the right kinds of words, and it will take you more than this. There are techniques to do this, and attending public speaking seminars will give you more information on how to get these techniques. An effective speaker will have his audience feel comfortable, and you will learn the techniques on how to do this.

Be an Effective Public Speaker and Not a Lecturer

An effective public speaker is one who will not have his audience bored. Learn how to be an effective speaker and not a lecturer, and the people listening to your speech will not get bored. Techniques to do this will not just be available anywhere but you can have these techniques when you attend public speaking seminars. When you are speaking in public you need to connect with your audience and to build a relationship with them. When you are already doing this, your audience will feel comfortable and have more tendencies to fully understand what you are talking.

Feeling nervous when you are having your first speech is normal. Be comfortable with this because it is not only you who experience this feeling. However, you can overcome this feeling by attending public speaking seminars and learning the techniques. Do more practice and you will be the confident speaker in due time.

5 Public Speaking Tips To Help You Overcome Your Fears

There’s a huge mountain of information available on the internet about how you can overcome a fear of public speaking and if you do a search for Google on some of the most popular public speaking related topics you are likely to discover millions of results.

While this may seem like a massive amount of information to help you to overcome your fears it’s probably fair to say that if you are one of those people who suffers from a fear of public speaking you probably don’t believe there is nearly enough information out there to help you.

The reality is however that in many cases this fear of public speaking is actually self-inflicted, after all when you consider that the audience is actually there to hear what it is you have to say it’s not them that are causing you to be afraid to go out there and speak, it’s actually you.

You are the one that gets uptight and worried about standing up in front of the audience to share what you have to say, it’s you that puts the pressure on yourself and worries what people will think (the reality is they are probably thinking “thank god it’s not me up there!”) and it’s you that isn’t able to take a deep breath and calm down before standing up to speak.

So with that in mind this article is going to provide you with 5 simple tips that you can use to overcome your fear of public speaking and get you to the point where you are more than comfortable talking to a group of people and getting your point across.

1. Make sure you know your topic inside and out

The single most important thing you can do as a public speaker is to ensure that no matter what possible question someone could ask you about the topic you are speaking about, you will have the answer. The fear of being caught out or being stumped by a question can be so overwhelming at times that it can lead even the most confident of people doubting their knowledge in a particular subject, so making sure you are an expert in what you are about to say will lift a huge weight off your shoulders.

2. Don’t both trying to imagine your audience naked

While many people say that this is one way to overcome a fear of public speaking the truth is that it just isn’t going to work, after all if you are spending your time trying to imagine what all of those people look like naked how can you concentrate on what it is you are trying to say, more than likely trying this is just going to distract from your primary task at hand?

And let’s face it, when you look out at the room full of people how many of them do you really want to see naked, there’s bound to be more than a few people in the room that you wouldn’t want to see naked regardless of the situation you are in so why would it help you to make your presentation or speech?

3. Meet and greet your audience in advance of your speech

Take the time prior to getting up in front of your audience to try and meet as many of them as you can, much of the fear associated with public speaking is to do with unfamiliarity so if you feel like you know many of the people that you are about to talk to it will make it much easier as you will feel more like you are talking to a group of friends that to complete strangers.

What this approach also allows you to do is take your mind off making the speech, if you are spending your time in polite conversation with people in the build up to your speech it is much less likely that you will be able to wind yourself up with worry and by the time it’s your turn to talk to the audience you will have had little time to become tense and dry mouthed.

4. Inject some life into your speech

Don’t just get up in front of everyone and stand still like a tree and simply read from your cue cards or presentation, the secret to being a good public speaker is to come across with enthusiasm and energy. Use your body to get your point across, wave your arms if you have to, just make sure that you put some actions into your speech to stop you from getting rooted to one spot, you should even feel free to move around a little as you speak to keep the audience focused on what you are doing.

5. Don’t be afraid to stop and repeat yourself

Sometimes when people are in the middle of a speech they can find themselves umming and ahhing a lot as a way to fill in space or silence as few people feel comfortable standing up in front of a group of people and saying nothing. However a well-timed pause and a little bit of repetition can be a powerful way to make your point sink in, so don’t be concerned if you find yourself having to repeat a sentence that was full of ums and ahhs, just remember to replace these with silence when you repeat yourself as a way of making your point.

So there you have them, 5 useful tips to help you overcome your fear of public speaking, make sure you try them next time you have to make a presentation or speak to a group of people as they will make a positive different to your public speaking experience.

If you can overcome your fear and become a confident public speaker you will find that life becomes that much easier, you’ll no longer feel sweaty and uncomfortable before presenting to a room full of your co-workers, even on a 1-to-1 level you will feel more at home with your ability, no doubt you’ll soon find that public speaking is just like any other thing you have to do and your fear will be gone.

Public Speaking – Why it is Important

In this day and age Public speaking is becoming vitally important in every market. With so many different opinions out there today are so many different topics it’s no wonder that public speaking has taken off dramatically.

Now for most of us, public speaking is a serious challenge and the thought of standing up in front of a small crowd can make the most courageous person feel timid. They may have hesitations in facing an audience, often accompanied by sweaty palms, stuttering, and the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. These dilemmas often cause untold problems to the speaker.

Just as some people are born athletes or born extremely intelligent, some people are born speakers and others are not, they need to train themselves to do this and some cases actually end up better than born speakers.. Stage fright is inevitable. Actors are always nervous to a certain degree before every play. If you want to become a top achiever in any field you will need to conquer your fears of public speaking. Success in public speaking can open a whole new world of opportunities for you. Public Speaking can help you conquer new frontiers as well as broadening your horizons through personal development, influence, and advances in your profession.

There are many reasons why public speaking can improve your life and I’ll give you a few examples:

1. Public Speaking Improves Your Personal Development:
We as humans like to feel good about ourselves and like to be jeered on; giving a good speech will get a good response from the crowd giving you an overwhelming feeling of joy which will in turn give you more confidence in your next speech.

2. Public Speaking Influences Your Society:
If you have got information of value then you should shared it with your chosen society or anybody who wants to listen. By public speaking or doing a video message you can get your message across to hundreds if not thousands of people in one sitting.

3. Public Speaking Advances Your Profession:
Public Speaking can help boost your career and will then boost your income. In the rat race, employees that do most of the public speaking are the ones getting the higher salary, for entrepreneurs that do public speaking can their message across allot clearer and more conscious beating their competition. If you have knowledge and want to share your knowledge or business idea you could sell seats to you show, but you have to give good quality content. Some public speakers are making as much £20k-£70k for a weekends work!

Now while all that sounds very appealing the problem still boils down to confidence and fear. You need to overcome your fear and get a lot more confidence to stand up in front of how ever many people you have to, to make that sort of money. The best way to do this is to do your due diligence on your topic; if you are an expert in that field then you are already a step ahead of the game. The second step is to plan you speech, break it down into sections…

• Introduction
• Body
• Conclusion

If you know your subject inside out you will have nothing to worry about, remember you are the one giving the speech and you are in control.

When giving your speech there are few things to take into consideration:


To be an important speaker, you need to have a well modulated voice, so many people are very soft spoken and this lets them down. To overcome this you need to get some more confidence, and practice speaking out loud / voice projection.

Pitch / Tone:

Your pitch is how you present your speech and is an important factor… you do not want to sounds boring and monotonous. You need to vary your pitch at different parts of your speech to keep the crown intrigued, changing from high to medium to low or different tons and accents.


Changing the tempos in public speaking is important just like in the pitch or tone. There are 3 rates or tempos you need to use – slow, average and fast. When speaking slowly the speaking rate indicates sorrow, depression, solemnity, when speaking at an increased rate is suggestive of happiness, joy or anger. Words or phrases that are spoken more slowly and more emphatically are considered more important and more intellectually significant than rapidly pronounced words.

The last thing I would suggest is practice…as practice makes perfect. You can’t go into something without practicing it. In time you will get better and less practice will be needed, if you need to stand in front of a mirror to gauge your expressions and posture then do so…if you need to record yourself and watch the replay then do so it will all aid into giving you more confidence