Public Speaking Anxiety – Tips to Control Your Fear and Engage Your Audience

It has been a common instance that most of us have felt butterflies in the stomach when asked to address a crowd. To most of us, public speaking is a stressful activity. In order to handle stress effectively, you need to believe that life in itself is not stressful. People have learned to overcome their public speaking anxiety with minimum stress. However, the one thing that you should note is that there are a few tips that will help you conquer the fear of public speech.

Ways to Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety

Know your subject well: Suppose you are beginning to speak in the public it is ideal if you choose a topic about which you are confident and have a complete grasp. Once you know that the information you have is correct your feet might not shake as you stand up to address a big group of audience. Preparing a well researched speech is one of the ways to cope with public speaking anxiety. You can also prepare answers to probable questions. That way, you are in a better position to face the public and be confident.

Be mentally strong: The fear of speaking in public is more a problem of the mind. Once you make your mind strong, you are in a better position to speak more confidently in front of your audience. Remember that the audience is no different from what you are. They will not take you to the gallows if you give them points with which they do not agree. Hence there is not much to worry about public speaking anxiety. The only thing you need to do is give a speech which has a logical flow and is relevant to the audience in front of you.

Reach the venue well before time so that you can familiarize yourself with the environment. You can even talk to the people around. This actually helps your nervousness to die down because once you start interacting with people the fear of the unknown is no more there in your mind. The thoughts no more become jumbled and you can take the right plan of action.

Love the listeners: While one is addressing a large ceremony, they tend to feel jittery about the crowd that is about to judge the speaker. Public speaking anxiety is something that cannot be done overnight. This is why it is best to give up on the defeatist presupposition. Now, you need to have a few assumptions: first of all, think that the audience is a friendly one; secondly, you need to understand that the audience is present because they are interested in what you have to say; finally, understand that you love them and they love you. In order to make your audiences like you, you need to like them first.

Ignore the ugly incidents of the past: Some people suffer from public speaking anxiety because they might have faced an embarrassing situation in the past or during their childhood. These events can be very distress and result in a lifelong paralyzing fear. In that case, you should approach a psychologist who will tell you that you should not be ashamed of phobias. Phobias can be cured in a few therapy sessions. It is important to remember that all good speakers did not start out as super orators and more importantly, they improved because they wanted to perform better the next time they hit the stage.

Take rest: Resting is good for the body and hence you should avoid hassles at all costs. Have a good night’s sleep before the executive presentation. In case you cannot, have warm milk and think of something good. It will help you overcome public speaking anxiety and relax. You may listen to music as well or go for some light reading. Concentrate on the ability to speak sincerely and confidently. Do not schedule anything important on the day before.

Don’t go for mood altering substances: A lot of people believe that taking mood altering substances may improve their delivery. Hence, they take alcohol or coffee or smoke for pepping themselves up or calming down. However, far from regulating your public speaking anxiety, mood altering substances get into your bloodstream and wreak havoc, making you feel sluggish and jittery. You can eat light or have nothing at all an hour before speaking. Your concentration and energy levels are brought down by a full stomach. Additionally, nervousness makes digestion difficult.

A lot of people face public speaking anxiety since they are afraid they will look foolish before others. The best way you can feel familiar with the entire situation is by ensuring that you are well prepared and have backup material ready. Remember, there’s nothing to worry as you can simply follow the above mentioned tips and deliver your best speech.

Learn About Anxiety In Public Speaking To Get Over Public Speaking Nervousness

Anxiety in speaking in public is something that everyone goes through at least once in their life. It could be considered as a common bond, albeit an unwanted one, that ties all mankind together. Learning about anxiety in public speaking can help one to recognize the signs and overcome this everyday problem.

Anxiety in speaking in public has been given the name Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.) by doctors. People who have anxiety in public speaking are actually at risk of undue mental and physical stress which may ruin their career or cause serious physical illness. This being said, anxiety in speaking in public can be conquered, which lets one move ahead in the career as well as one’s personal life.

Often there are underlying issues in a person’s life that may cause anxiety in public speaking. Therapy for mental stress due to some past incident could help to relieve tension. This in turn could allow the person to focus on being comfortable and confident. Applying these to a speaking event could allow the person to give the speech of a lifetime.

Sometimes when a person is aware of a big speech and has time to properly prepare, they can forget to use this time wisely. This leads to shaking hands and knees, poor eye contact, and other physical signs of being uncomfortable. Indeed, proper preparation of the situation can reduce anxiety in speaking in public by as much as seventy percent, according to surveys.

The way a person can properly prepare for this situation and avoid anxiety in public speaking altogether is by researching the subject that is to be talked about and writing the speech accordingly. This is a proven method of coping with anxiety in public speaking. Research, write and practice. The practicing of the speech will help the speaker to remain familiar with the topic that’s being presented. Being familiar with the topic helps the speaker to relax and have confidence in his or her speaking ability.

Don’t forget to breath. Proper breathing techniques can help to relax the mind as well as the body; giving one more time to think about the subject at hand. This method could come in the form of yoga, spiritual meditation, or a brisk walk in a quiet park setting. Breathing is one of the fundamentals of basic life. Without it people would stop to exist. All focus comes from a proper breathing routine.

One should not let anxiety in public speaking cause them anguish. Just remember that this happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime, which is mankind’s common bond. Combine these tips and anyone can become a speaking dynamo.

Win New Customers Repeatedly/Inexpensively, Using YOUR Public Speaking For Business Marketing System

Preview: Boost Your Business Marketing! Speak Professionally. Inexpensively Attract New Clients/Customers. Tested And Proven System. Get repeatedly invited, acknowledged – and even paid – as an “expert-who-speaks”. Market your products, services or yourself to numerous potential individual or group clients at once. Step up to Smarter Business Marketing(TM). This article tells you how.


The ideas I share in this article are based on personal experiences I have had as an entrepreneur, and strategies/techniques I have developed as a result, to help me achieve my goals. Basically, I use them every now and then depending on whether I assess a particular situation or opportunity to have “good business selling potential”. They are not designed to be immediately applicable to every situation, which is why I suggest you think of ways you can adapt them to suit your unique circumstances and/or needs.

How Effective Are You At Speaking Before Important Persons Or Large Audiences About Your Business?

Do you worry or become anxious when you have to speak one-on-one with an important person or before large audiences? Do you have to market products or services to NEW people daily? Do you dread having to make those cold calls to their phones, offices or homes to try making the sale? Are you looking for a proven technique to help you increase your success rate in speaking convincingly to people AT FIRST CONTACT/MEETING?

As a serious minded business owner, you will know that successfully creating (adequate and continuous) awareness about your products/services can be quite a challenging task. I have certainly found it to be so, on a number of occasions! But, I have also always been a person with a passion for problem-solving and process simplification.

To put it another way, I am perpetually on the lookout for cheaper yet more effective way(s) of doing anything I do. My “search” eventually led me to develop for myself – about 4 years ago – what I have called the “Public Speaking for Business Marketing system(PSBM)(TM)” which is designed to enable me cost-effectively boost my marketing efforts when speaking to potential (individual or group) client audiences.

This article offers street-smart, tested and proven strategies you can use to equip yourself to succeed more often in making good and lasting impressions through WHAT YOU SAY and HOW YOU SAY IT(i.e. your communication skills) – especially at formal events like interviews, presentations, business meetings etc.

Speaking Effectively Is Important For Your Business Marketing Success

In doing your business marketing, you will find that sometimes you are required at some stage to have a one-on-one meeting with a prospect, who will want to hear from you exactly how you think your product or service will benefit him/her. In some cases the individual you have to speak with could even be representing a larger group of people, and your ability to CONVINCE him/her that you have something the group or organisation needs could win you an invitation to do a presentation to the larger group of decision makers – taking you closer to making the sale you want.

In essence, when I speak here about speaking effectively in public, I refer to both situations i.e. one in which you have to speak with an individual and that in which you have to speak to a group of people, or indeed a large audience.

Without taking the pains to think carefully through and articulate the key benefits of what you have to offer, in a way that you can SAY it to those who need to hear it, you are likely to STRUGGLE to convince your individual or group audiences that they need your service or product. Potential buyers tend to develop cold feet when the seller they are considering is unable to give them CONVINCING arguments/reasons to go ahead and buy, or make enquiries about buying from him/her.

What Is The Public Speaking for Business Marketing System(PSBM)(TM) About?

What I have called the PSBM(TM) is a “customisable” combination of innovative techniques designed to enable business owners/entrepreneurs/self-employed professionals cost-effectively boost their marketing efforts by speaking professionally to potential client audiences.

There is one key objective of developing/using a PSBM(TM) system: to promote a significant increase in the level of awareness about the speaker/marketer’s products and/or services. Another is the generation of continuous streams of patronage from existing – and new clients. These and more can be achieved, using this system, typically at a fraction of conventional marketing/ advertising costs.

The system will typically have two aspects:

a. the Public Speaking aspect

b. the Street-Smart/Electronic Marketing Strategies & Techniques aspect.

Used together, practically anyone can successfully boost his/her business marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Needs To Use Public Speaking For Business Marketing(PSBM)(TM)?

Virtually every business owner is likely to have need for a cost-effective, long-term and comprehensive system like this. One that enables you to keep prospects and clients “thinking” about what you can do for them for “longer” periods – thereby increasing your chances of getting contacted by them, so you can “close” the sale.

As the preview to this article proclaims, if you can find a way to repeatedly speak professionally – in your areas of PROVEN expertise – to potential client audiences, you stand a good chance of continuously generating new business for yourself. This will happen as a result of increased awareness about, and interest (in you and/or) your services/products – which would have been triggered by your speaking activities.

How Using Public Speaking For Business Marketing(PSBM)(TM) Can Help You

“Whether you’re selling (products), services or yourself, Public Speaking is a great way to market yourself to a lot of potential clients at once ..(and) drum up new business” – Robert Dickman (Highly sought after Hollywood performance consultant, who was once asked – in year 2000 – by Time Magazine to rate the public speaking abilities of America’s Presidential candidates at the time.)


Going by what I have said so far, it becomes obvious that your ability to speak effectively can yield at least two benefits:

(1) Stimulate prospects’ interest and consequently generate sales leads.

(2) Help you win MORE (sometimes even paid) speaking opportunities & new clients.

Since the ability to speaking convincingly to your prospective buyer about what you have to offer is so important to generating sales leads or closing sales, I believe it only makes sense to LEARN how to speak MORE effectively in a way that makes the above – and more – happen on a regular basis.

How/Where Can You Find Business Marketing Speaking Opportunities?

1. During your routine business marketing visits – or meetings/appointments – with individual/groups decision makers, This would be a typical one-on-one or small group situation.

2. By writing and sending out letters(or even e-mails) to decision makers introducing yourself and stating that you offer such and such talks, keynote speeches. You would make it known that you are available to speak at conferences/events/meetings/retreats etc organised by individuals or groups fitting our target audience profile.

The second opportunity offers potentially greater rewards because YOU would have been invited by them, meaning(unlike the first opportunity which is a “cold call” situation), the audience is MORE likely to be interested in what you have to say – and sell. In addition, many individuals and groups fitting your target audience profile are likely to be LOOKING for “experts” or “specialists” to deliver “talks” or “keynote speeches” at their special outings or corporate events. Your chances of making even greater marketing impact would therefore be boosted since you get to speak to a large number of potential “buyers” all at once.

But you have to make a success of the speaking outing first – and giving a good speech is only a PART of it! Learn why I say so below.

You Don’t Just Need A Speech(es) – You Need A SYSTEM!

It’s not just knowing how to speak and then going out to do so. Having a PSBM(TM) goes beyond that. In ADDITION to being a competent and effective speaker, you will also have in your arsenal other things you will do BEFORE you speak, WHILE you speak and AFTER you have spoken, that will help you achieve the business marketing results you want. It is the combination of your speaking and associated non-speaking actions that constitutes your PSBM(TM) system.

Below, I have listed some key considerations you need to make in developing a PSBM(TM) system that works for you. It does not cover every possibility – you will have to think through what needs to be added, modified or removed completely.

1. How can I learn to (write and) deliver speeches that will help me market my products, services or myself to potential customers/clients?

2. How will I get myself repeatedly invited as an “expert-who-speaks” by my target audience?

3. Is it really possible for me to get PAID as a “speaker/educator”? – and if it is, how exactly do I go about making that happen?

Suggestions: Recognised paid speaking professionals, like Burt Dubin, offer a Speaking Success System( that guarantees you success in the speaking business or your money back. That is of course if you really want to make speaking another dimension to your business offering(I say why not?!). Alternatively, enroll for a Public Speaking training programme at a reputable outfit. Questions you have will be answered there.

Then there is a compulsory assignment: Get yourself a copy of Dale Carnegie’s book: How TO Develop Self-Confidence & Influence People By Public Speaking AND read it over and over again, till you can virtually recall what is written on the next line while reading the preceding one. It’s an excellent book that teaches the art of public speaking in a manner that makes it REAL for the learner.

4. How do I successfully convert enquiries generated through my public speaking activities into new business/patronage?

5. What can I do to reduce the effort it would take to do all the above, so it doesn’t tell on my ability to run my business?

Suggestions: Always use low cost business marketing techniques – both offline and especially on the Internet. Prepare Edumercials (Educational Commercials) about your products or services that will be made available as printed handouts – but preferably as downloaded documents from your website, which you can invite the audience you speak to, to visit your website to request using a contact form(to which you will link follow-up autoresponders as appropriate).

Your website can do so much work for you here. It provides a very cost-effective medium through which to capture prospects. Your speaking outings, and business cards, etc that you give out to those who ask will drive traffic to your site -since you WILL have invited the recipients/audience to visit your site and get say your free report on a useful/interesting topic.

Your free website newsletter(weekly, or periodical) would ALSO be on offer for subscription by your visiting prospects, and through it, you would stay in touch with visitors and even get them to invite friends to join too, because they’re getting useful tips from you!

Convert speeches you deliver to articles and special reports, then offer them for publication online to ezine owners and free submission websites. Make sure to indicate the article is based on a speech you delivered at so and so event, since that adds to your credibility as a recognised authority on the subject. If you have not been invited to speak before, the quality of your articles- if good – can eventually influence decision makers to invite you. Just make sure that by the time they do, you have fully prepared yourself to make a success of the opportunity. In certain cases, you may discover that your writing reputation has preceded you so well, that THEY will be the ones asking you what your speaking FEES are! So, make sure you have THAT already worked out before they ask! 🙂

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Unknown

What You Need To ALWAYS Remember!

PLEASE NEVER FORGET THIS: You can use your PSBM(TM) system on individuals as well as on small groups or large audiences. In short, you should use your PSBM(TM) system in EVERY business marketing situation that you find it appropriate or relevant.

Of course, since speaking to more than one person offers better potential returns, you would do well to seek opportunities to make that happen more often – hence the need to announce your availability to speak on your area of expertise in as many appropriate places as possible.

The important thing is that you make sure you deliver your intended marketing message in a way that makes those who listen to you, and who fit your your target audience profile(NOT everyone will), readily recognise a need for your products and services, and willing to take action to get it by contacting you for details etc. If you can do this, your PSBM(TM) system can be correctly judged to be working well!


Business marketing is primarily about getting yourself to the top of your target customer’s consciousness and staying there for as long as necessary to make him/her “buy”. It’s a game of percentages. You can expect maybe ZERO to say 3 of every 100 persons exposed to your marketing to give you a chance to “sell” to them. That does not mean ALL of them will buy. Which is why you need to market FREQUENTLY and to as many pre-qualified prospects as possible: which means plenty of WORK for you!

Adopting a system that takes the work out of your business marketing is sure to dramatically transform the way you do business for the better. It will forever alter, positively – and powerfully – how your existing (and prospective) clients/customers see you – including the ones that do not buy from you(at first).

Why not relieve yourself of the stress of unraveling the marketing dilemma that plagues most business owners today? Develop and start using your own Public Speaking for Business Marketing(PSBM)(TM) system. Take the decision to Step Up To Smarter Business Marketing(TM(TM) today..NOW!