How To Over Come Anxiety In Public Speaking To Accelerate Your Chance of Popularity

Identifying and Overcoming Anxiety of Public Speaking

Anxiety of speaking in public should be viewed as a plague and not a fear. In fact, anxiety of public speaking ranks number one above all other phobias. With the fear of death reaching only number seven, it could be said that most people would rather meet the grim reaper than to speak in front of a crowd. Here we will look at how to find and overcome the symptoms of this very common occurrence.

Let’s just say such as, Jessica dreads speaking to people. She is socially awkward and tries getting to her cubical without actually making contact with co-workers. She feels lucky to even be employed, because of her Glossophobia or anxiety of public speaking. Her boss knows how socially awkward she is, but has no choice but to place her in the spotlight due to a scheduling issue. Jessica has just been told that she will be speaking on behalf of the firm at the annual banquet that will be held next week. With her stomach in knots, her hands begin to shake so uncontrollably that she can’t even type. She tells her boss that she isn’t feeling well and decides to take a sick time for the rest of the day. This is a classic case of anxiety of public speaking.

This scenario happens every day in many places throughout the world. The truth is that speaking to a group really doesn’t have to be as bad as Jessica is making it out to be. The fact that she perpetuates this ongoing anxiety of public speaking is a sign of an internal struggle, in which she has yet to overcome. There are several things that Jessica can do to help herself overcome the anxiety of public speaking.

First, she can write her speech and practice it in front of the mirror. This will help her to be familiar with the material that she needs to cover as well as to edit her speech if she decides something doesn’t sound right. This rehearsal is said to cut the stress caused by the anxiety of public speaking by as much as seventy percent.

Next, Jessica can try some simple breathing exercises to calm her nerves and relieve tension. Breathing helps bring one’s mind into focus. In this particular case, Jessica’s anxiety of public speaking wouldn’t be nearly as bad if she would work on a deep breathing routine to help her relax.

Finally, Jessica should let go of any mental baggage she could be holding on to. This kind of stress sometimes can manifest itself in ways that can be harmful to one’s career as well as other relationships outside of the work site.

After many hours of rehearsal speaking, deep breathing and forgetting about the problems that may occur, Jessica forgets her anxiety of speaking in public. She feels confident that she will do a fine job when speaking in front of the crowd at the banquet.