How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

How to get rid of fear of public speaking? Any teacher of speech will tell you that to become a good speaker you must study, yes – but more important still you must put what you have learned into actual practice. That is why every well-managed and well conducted class in public speaking always devotes some part of the lessons to having the individual member of the class stand up before the rest of the students and make a speech. This is done repeatedly, constantly – day after day, week after week until speaking becomes second nature to the students. Only in this manner can the average person overcome his hesitancy, his self-consciousness, his initial fright at the sound of his own voice.

Organize Your Own Speaking Group

One of the ways on “How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking” is by organizing your own public speaking group. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to attend regular classes that fact need not deter you. If you have the necessary determination, you can obtain somewhat similar practice by organizing a discussion club of your own among friends with similar interests and objectives.

Meetings can be held at the members’ homes on a rotating basis. Not only the members but their spouses and friends can be invited to attend on some occasions. Almost any method which will provide an audience is satisfactory. The audience is the essential thing. It does not necessarily have to be large. If it is large enough so that you have a conscious or subconscious feeling that it is no longer a conversation with a few isolated persons, it is an audience. Many times it depends on the speaker. One speaker may get this reaction with as few as four or six people, others may require as many as twelve. Few people will require more for practice purposes. Whatever you are able to do before a group of twelve, you can do before a group of 100, 500 or 1,000. As a matter of fact you will find after a while that the larger the group the easier it is to speak and the greater the inspiration to speak well.

My Experience on How to Get Rid of Fear of Public Speaking

In my early days of public speaking I solved my own problem in a progressive manner. After joining a student operated Speaking Club at Law School for a few months, I took a college extension course in speaking for a few months. For a three months period, I was scheduled to make anywhere from 4 talks to a dozen talks each evening from 7:00 P.M. to 12:00 P.M. After that, I had a whole lifetime of experience concentrated into that period. I had lost my fear of audiences and my stage fright was gone. Replacing these was an assured self-confidence and an outward appearance of absolutely relaxed calm. I began to actually enjoy public speaking. When you get to this point, you can then devote your efforts to refining your material and your delivery.

Words can be extremely powerful. When you are able to use them successfully to express your ideas to your audience, you will be able to leave an imprint in their mind. In fact, there are many leaders who are famous for being great speakers, especially politicians. One such example is the current president of United States, Barack Obama. Good speakers are always able to engage their audience, convey their message and even influence the listeners. It may be easy to read out a speech, but it isn’t easy to be a speaker who is able to stand in front of a large crowd especially if you have public speaking anxiety.