Gaining Confidence and Authority In Your Business By Public Speaking

The Benefits of a Attending a Public Speaking Seminar

A public speaking seminar can offer a great deal of help to people, whether they are nervous first timers or seasoned professionals. For the first timers, it can give them the confidence they need to overcome nervousness or the outright fear of speaking in a public setting. For the seasoned professional a public speaking seminar can offer better communication skills and help them better to further their careers.

For example, John has been made aware of a presentation he must give for the company to acquire a new client. His boss has made it absolutely clear that his presentation needs to be about one hour long and must show the benefits of this company to the new client. The pressure John feels is intense, for he knows how nervous he can become when placed in sink-or-swim circumstances like this one. Luckily for him there is a public speaking seminar being held Wednesday night at the community center across from where he lives.

Wednesday night comes and John has his seat in the crowd at the public speaking seminar. He is anxious to learn the secrets of relaxing in front of a crowd and giving the best possible performance as to acquire the business of this new client. He feels comfortable enough to chat with the woman sitting next to him. He asks her if she gets nervous when speaking in public like he himself does. She tells him that she is very much at ease when talking in public settings. This confuses John a little, so he asks her why in the world she is here at this public speaking seminar. She tells him that she likes to brush up on her methods and possibly receive new information on communication skills. She also mentions that she is the head of a big corporation and that she has a business meeting with the company John works for. As they chat, John relaxes and realizes that this big presentation will turn out to be a success.

The public speaking seminar begins and John is given a lot of information that will aid in his communication skills as well as tips on how to overcome nervousness and fear of speaking in a public setting. Some of this information is new to the woman he is sitting next to, and she quietly points this out to John. At the end of the public speaking seminar, the two exchange business cards and go their separate ways. John walks with his head held high, knowing that at his presentation he will not fail to obtain the business of the new client.